Borrowing 1500 euros, how does that work in the Netherlands? Read all about it in this handy article

Those who want to borrow 1500 euros have several options for applying for a loan. You have several types of loans that you can apply for, and you can go to different parties for a 1500 euro loan. These are the personal loan and a revolving credit. With a revolving loan, you don’t have to borrow the entire amount, so you can easily apply for a higher loan. A new option is also a plus loan of 1500 euros or begin with lenen zonder BKR at

  1. A personal loan of 1500 euros. You can apply for this from your own bank using the app on your phone or from a bank like Santander.
  2. A revolving credit of 1500 euros or more. You can take out a revolving credit of 1500 euros via Santander or with a provider such as Krediet Groep Nederland.
  3. A price fighter is usually cheaper than a regular bank. A price fighter is usually a subsidiary of a well-known bank. They usually offer much lower interest rates. Check the table below for a selection. Through these providers you can often get loans with a lower interest rate than at the regular bank.

Revolving loan or personal loan

You usually have two choices for a private loan: a revolving credit or a personal loan. Which loan should you choose?

A personal loan has the advantage of stability and clarity. You agree on a fixed amount of money, a fixed repayment period and fixed amounts. You pay back a fixed amount each month. This amount includes the interest as with the so called snel 500 euro lenen websites in The Netherlands.

A revolving credit has the advantage of flexibility. You agree on a limit of the credit, but you do not have to borrow all the money. Moreover, you can repay flexibly. You only have to repay a certain minimum amount each month, but if you have not reached the limit yet, you can also borrow extra.

Plus loan of 1500 euros

A new type of loan that you can apply for is the plus loan. This is a more expensive type of loan that you have in your account quickly, within 1 day already. In addition, the loan is without BKR testing. You can only apply for this loan if you are already a client of Ferratum or Saldodipje and have previously received a mini-loan there. The loan has the maximum interest rate, but on top of this there are the additional costs for a mandatory guarantee. In addition, you must also repay the loan of 1500 euros within 2 months. The additional costs can amount to as much as 500 euros.