Outrage in Church at 'Sexist' Document (Independent.ie)

Benedict XVI: Approves lumping women’s ordination in the same basket as clerical paedophilia

Outrage in Church at 'sexist' document
By Breda Heffernan
Independent.ie | London
Friday, July 16, 2010

IRISH women involved in the church reacted furiously last night and accused the Vatican of "upholding sexism" after it issued the new rules.

Soline Humbert, women's ordination advocate

Soline Humbert, women's ordination advocate

Soline Humbert, a co-founder of the Irish group Brothers and Sisters in Christ, which was established to promote the ordination of women to the priesthood, said yesterday's announcement was "predictable" and "one more attempt at stopping the unstoppable. It is pathetic. It shows the state of disarray (within the church).

"My heartfelt reaction as a woman, I'm 53 nearly 54, is that all my life in the Roman Catholic Church has been a succession of blows. At this stage, I do not expect any good news to come from Rome. 

"It is very interesting that it comes at a time when the Church of England is ordaining women bishops," she added. 

The Irish Bishops Conference welcomed the publication of the Vatican document, but offered no comment on the issue of ordination of women.